Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jenna is coming home for a visit...YEAH!!!!!

Jenna is coming home to visit for a week. She is coming February 2nd through the 9th. I can't wait to see her. It has been over a year since we have seen her and we finally get to see her preggo belly. We are sad though because Jeremy cannot come with her so we have yet to meet him. Although he sounds like a great guy! We have planned to have a 3D~4D ultra sound done and we all get to go watch. We will hopefully find out what it is for sure. This g~ma thing is kinda fun. I think the little one is going to be really spoiled, in fact I am sure of it. It will be the first grand child on both sides. Can't wait for February to see my baby.


Fausett Family Facts said...

Robbin cannot wait to see Jenna, the baby belly, and to see the 3d~4d ultrasound.