Friday, January 18, 2008

JT is 50 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

JT has recently hit a huge milestone--- he turns 50 today, January 18th. So we are on the lookout for any signs of a mid-life crisis coming on. He is a pretty good sport about us harassing him about it, although I (Cindy) try not to say too much since I am already 50 and he was very kind to me when I hit that milestone. JT was recently called to be the Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward, so he is polishing up on his Book of Mormon knowledge!!! He teaches for the first time on January 20th - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT - he will be great!!!


Fausett Family Facts said...

Pete says: He is jealous because you now qualify for the senior tour. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope you have a great day.