Monday, January 7, 2008


2008 brought Jen and Jeremy a new puppy. His name is Zver, which is beast in Russian. He does not look like a puppy. Zver is part lab and part newfoundland. It has been fun for them cleaning up poop, and he was sick today so Jen had to clean up vomit. Yea, fun for a pregnant woman. Zver keeps Jen company while Jeremy is at work. He does have a cute little face. Did I say little?? I mean cute face. Well have fun you two and Zver welcome to the family.
The picture with the leash was when he was a real little puppy, my how he has grown.


Chastain Family said...

Zver loves his new family!

Fausett Family Facts said...

I bet he does, he is probably spoiled rotten. I hope he doesn't get jealous when the baby is born. Oh, and why don't you buy him some more tennis balls, I don't think he has enough.
(Copy and paste the below web site and you can watch Zver.)