Thursday, January 24, 2008


Robbin just received a letter from the city stating she passed her written exam for the Administrative Clerk job. She took the test in December. Although she passed, her application was not referred to a department at this time, but her name was placed on an eligibility list for consideration in filling future vacancies. The list is good for twelve months. Wow...she is so excited since she has not taken a test since high school. She doesn't even care if she gets hired now as it is just good to know she passed the test. Just kidding, she would take the job. Robbin also read in the paper that the city is having a hiring freeze so that is probably another reason she was just placed on a list until they can hire again. Hopefully that will be soon.

Now Robbin is waiting to hear if she passed the written exam she took last friday for the Sheriff Service Tech job. That would be nice to get that job. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks to all of you for your support.