Saturday, February 23, 2008

A tribute to Shirley...

It has been a long 2 years without you. You will always be apart of us and thank you for being you!!
I try to keep busy with gardens in the summer and woodcrafts in the winter. I find myself thinking of you everyday and the memories of the great times we shared together. It’s lonely here without you!!
Love Bud

As this time approaches, it always seems a little surreal to me. Even though it is the second anniversary I feel the missing and the sorrow make it seem like we have been going through this a very long time.
But today I am thinking about the wonderful things that my mother and I shared together. I remember late night talks, about so many different subjects. I remember the wisdom that she gave out, never hitting you over the head with it, but making her point subtly and weaving it around to make you think it was your idea. She had a way of getting you, or even sometimes guilting you, into seeing your mistakes, or misguided ideas and never really having to beat you over the head with what she knew was better for you.
I miss the long late night conversations which we had. In fact, not long before she died we sat in my family room and discussed the nature of dinosaurs and how they fit into the biblical ideas that we had been taught. We talked late into the night, while everyone else was asleep it was just like I was 16 again.
Love you mom, and stop giving me the big eyes I am doing the best I can!!!
Dan Dear Mom;
When Robbin asked me to write this tribute, I thought of a thousand things I wanted to say; but mostly I want to say Thank You for being such a wonderful mother and for being my best friend. It seems like forever since I've been able to call you for advice or for help with a 'favorite recipe'. As I continue to raise my children and encounter 'road blocks' along the way, I often find myself asking, "What would my mom do?" I miss the times when we would talk about everything from your courtship with dad to the last chick flick we watched together.
Although I miss you terribly, sometimes so much I can hardly breath; I hold tight to the wonderful memories I have of you. The way you made me feel when I was sick or mistreated by a friend, the confidence you instilled in me, the way you taught me to believe in myself and the assurance that I was headed in the right direction.
As I continue to go through life's ups and downs, I am comforted with the knowledge that we will be together as a family again someday. I'm sure that Heaven is a much better place since you arrived there. I LOVE YOU.
Love, Cindy It seems like just yesterday that I was with her and then it seems like ten years since I last got to see her. I have such good memories of the wonderful person she was and is. I still want to call her when special things happen or when my kids are sick, because she would always help me and calm me down. I think she is still having a great time with her mom and dad and all of our loved ones. I feel her in my corner always cheering me on. I know that she wants us to always do our best and live the kind of life we all have been taught so that we can live with her and everyone else we love that is with her. And as I'm approaching the big 50 I don't have as much time as I feel I need or want to get ready. Mom, keep cheering for us, and prepare a little house for me. I don't think I'm worthy of a mansion yet. I love you and miss you tons. With great love and humility, I'm proud to be your daughter. Always, Debby I can’t even explain how it felt to loose you. First I felt abandoned, lost, scared and numb. I know it was not your choice and if it was you never would have gone. It has been a hard two years. You always think your mom is going to be there. I miss talking to you on the phone and sharing life experiences with you. I miss your laugh, your wisdom, your love of life and your support. Even though you are not here in body I know you are with me often in spirit. You share my trials and triumphs. I will always have wonderful memories that help me through the tough times. I will never forget those eyes when they were laughing or when I was in trouble. Thank you for teaching me, leading me and raising me to always give my all. I love you, miss you and you are always in my heart…Until we meet again.
Love Robbin
It seems unreal that she has been gone 2 years, and then again, it seems like forever. I miss her so much, she was more than just a sister she was my friend. She is also my hero. She went through so much and never complained. I wish I had her brave heart. She loved some of the finer things in life, like classical music and loved to discuss things of the world with anyone who would discuss with her. She loved being out doors and enjoying God's creations and I'll bet, given the chance she would tour the universe admiring all the other things He created. Sis, I love you and look forward to the day we can sit and visit again. I am sure you will have a lot to let me in on. Dolly (Claudia)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great-Grandma Shirley....

Jenna had a dream the other night that Great-Grandma Shirley (Black Grandma) was rocking Jen's baby Layla. Grandma was rocking her, holding her and loving her. Grandma was making the face she makes, her lips in a tight circle and sticking her tounge out and back in. She loved to do that to see if the babies would copy her, which they always did. Grandma (mom) loved babies and I am sure she is up there taking care of Layla and all the rest or her great-grandkids that are yet to come. She is preparing them for what is to come and sending them down with lots of hugs and kisses. As Jen and I talked about this we know how much mom loves the babies and how neat it is for us to know she is up there taking care of them. What a comfort that gives us but also brings tears as we miss her so much.

Sunny SoCal...

While Utah is hit with snow and NorCal is having rain. Debby and Tristen are enjoying the sunshine down in SoCal. Debby is out watering her flowers in her back yard and Trissy has on her new sunglasses to keep the glare out of her face.

Pink eye...I call it Red eye.

Poor Jen got back to Nebraska from her trip home to California and she got sick. She has a really bad cold, sore throat, cough and congestion. She also has a bad eye infection, Pink eye. Poor Jen. We love you and hope you will be feeling better very soon. See you should have stayed in California. ha ha. (Click on "Pink eye" above and read about it) We love you Jen and hope you feel better soon!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

When Matt is bored...

...he likes to torment his mom. He is always trying some kind of move on her and just likes messing with her and lifting her up. While Jen was home she took these pictures so here is the proof. They all thought it was funny. ha ha.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


It is Mikey's birthday...he is 4 years old today. Wow how time flies. Hope Mikey has a great day with all the trimmings. We love you little buddy!!
Update: 11:00 Grandpa Dan just informed me they are all on their way to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. Sounds like fun to me. Eat lots of pizza and win lots of games!! We will be expecting pictures. lol

MarLyn is 17 today!

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY out to MarLyn. Hope you have a great day with friends, family, cake, ice cream, presents and lots of fun! We love you!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Big congrats go out to JT, he was released from being a bishop not to long ago, now he has been called to the Stake High Council. He will be working with the single adults ward alot. Way to go JT. Just don't call me to speak. LOL. That means Cindy will not get to set by him in church a couple of Sundays a month. Although, Cindy will be busy with her new calling....Enrichment leader for Relief Society. She is wondering why she got this calling but we all know she will do a great job. I know alot of people look up to her, including me, and she will be a great addition to her ward's Relief Society. Way to go you two, you better be careful though JT could be called to be a General Authority and Cindy could be a General Authority's wife. Just kidding, we love you both!!

BABY SHOWER...Thanks Kristen!!!

Yummy food starts a great baby shower. Kristen Jensen, Callie & Marilyn Johnson, Sue & Robin Pope.

Jolyn McDonald, Lori Hartley, Juli Mrazek, Linda Perry & Kelly DeGarmo
Grandma Mardel Mills and Juli's baby Max.
Wendi, Jennifer Norman, Kristen Jensen, Callie Johnson & Sue Pope
Wendi teasing that she is going to pour lotion on Kristen's head.
Jenna with some of the blankets and burp clothes gramy Robbin made for Layla.
Jenna, Sue & Robin Pope, Kristen Kapele and her sister Juli holding baby Max.
Precious hand made blanket from great aunts Fern, June and Marie.
Kristen, a long time and treasured family friend offered to have the shower at her house. It was so nice since that was the week Pete had his heart attack. We had alot of people and alot of food. Jen really enjoyed herself and was given lots of great gifts, gift cards and money. It was really nice as Jeremy and Jenna do not have much for the baby so the cute clothes, etc. will definately be used and they can use the gift cards and money to get the dresser and changing table for the nursery. Pops and Gramy Jerich bought the crib and mattress which will be delivered next week. It was nice to see everyone at the shower and catch up with old friends. We played a couple of games, ate, molded babies out of bubble yum and watched the dvd of the 3D~4D ultra sound of baby Layla. Thanks again to Kristen!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Danica, she just found out she has Trench Mouth. It seems that alot of young kids get it these days. Everyone carries the bacteria in their mouth, and sometimes a cut or scratch can bring it out . Danica has been put on antibiotics so she should be back to normal in no time with that gorgeous smile of hers. We love you Dani!! (You can click on Trench mouth above and read about it)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heart Attack!!!

Pete gave us all a big scare! Monday, February 4th Pete had a massive heart attack. He just got back from hitting a bucket of balls at the golf course. He started to feel a little gas and some chest pain. He started sweating and the pain continued to get worse. He was feeling a little dizzy and tingly. (He never told me how bad the pain was until after the whole ordeal) He just kept telling me he had to try a burp. We finally headed to the store to get him some alka seltzer. Then he tells me to drive him to the hospital. I drive him 30 miles to the emergency room at Kaiser in Vallejo. They take him right away and tell me to wait in the waiting room. They immediatly hooked him up to an EKG and told him he was having a heart attack. The Cardiologist just happened to be there. (miracle! God was watching out for us) They started working on him, an IV in each hand and started putting all kinds of meds in him. they finally called me back and told me he was having a heart attack and the Dr. would come and get me soon. They finally let me back with him, he was setting up, talking and seemed to be doing good except for being scared. He had a 95% blockage in the right side of his heart. They said we got him to the hospital in time and they were trying to dissolve the blockage. After about 30 minutes they said they would have to transfer him to Queen of the Valley hospital in Napa to have a stint put in as the blockage would not go down as much as they wanted it to. They transfered him to Napa and the Dr there put a stint in, he still has a 50% blockage just farther down from the stint they are going to keep an eye on. They said if you are going to have a heart attack the right side is the best side to have it on. I called my friend Linda, she met me at the hospital, her husband John and another friend Tom came and gave Pete a blessing. Pete spent the next day at Queen of the Valley in Napa, he said he felt great and was setting up in the chair all day. He also had a steady stream of co-workers coming to visit him all day. Pete just wanted to go home, he felt great. The next day, Wednesday, he was transfered back to Kaiser, in San Rafeal, because they were the only ones with an open bed. He did not sleep well and just wanted to come home. I went to see him Thursday morning and was able to bring him home. He is happy to be home, was able to visit with Jen until we had to take her to the Airport Saturday morning. He wants to get out to the golf course but I won't let him. He calls me his mother hen. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I know this is a miracle and we have so much to be grateful for. He has an appointment with the Cardiologist on February 19th, we will keep you updated. Again, thank you all for your love, support and prayers.

It's a Layla.

Layla plugging her nose
Layla rubbing her eyes
foot in her mouth
Jenna finally made it to California after a long couple of days. She started having labor pains Thursday night. (Jan. 31) She went to the hospital, spent the night there, and had to have a shot to stop her labor. She tried to sleep on Friday but was called by the hospital to contact her Dr. as she tested positive for early labor. Jeremy took Jen back to the Dr. the Dr. said she should be fine and it would be okay for her to still fly to California. Jen just had to have another shot on Saturday before she got on the plane. She arrived late Saturday night and we had the 3D~4D ultra sound on Tuesday the 5th. Layla was moving around the whole time. Layla had her feet up in her face, she would cover her face with her little hands. She sucked her thumb and tried to hide from the camera. She has fat little cheeks. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her. Hope Jen's labor is fast and easy. Good luck!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Utah snow...

Wow, look at the snow. This is Connie out cleaning her sidewalks. It seems Utah is getting alot of snow this winter. I wonder how much more they will get? Hope you all stay warm, cozy and dry. Connie, is that a snow ball I see in your hands? SNOWBALL FIGHT. YEAH!!