Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great-Grandma Shirley....

Jenna had a dream the other night that Great-Grandma Shirley (Black Grandma) was rocking Jen's baby Layla. Grandma was rocking her, holding her and loving her. Grandma was making the face she makes, her lips in a tight circle and sticking her tounge out and back in. She loved to do that to see if the babies would copy her, which they always did. Grandma (mom) loved babies and I am sure she is up there taking care of Layla and all the rest or her great-grandkids that are yet to come. She is preparing them for what is to come and sending them down with lots of hugs and kisses. As Jen and I talked about this we know how much mom loves the babies and how neat it is for us to know she is up there taking care of them. What a comfort that gives us but also brings tears as we miss her so much.