Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heart Attack!!!

Pete gave us all a big scare! Monday, February 4th Pete had a massive heart attack. He just got back from hitting a bucket of balls at the golf course. He started to feel a little gas and some chest pain. He started sweating and the pain continued to get worse. He was feeling a little dizzy and tingly. (He never told me how bad the pain was until after the whole ordeal) He just kept telling me he had to try a burp. We finally headed to the store to get him some alka seltzer. Then he tells me to drive him to the hospital. I drive him 30 miles to the emergency room at Kaiser in Vallejo. They take him right away and tell me to wait in the waiting room. They immediatly hooked him up to an EKG and told him he was having a heart attack. The Cardiologist just happened to be there. (miracle! God was watching out for us) They started working on him, an IV in each hand and started putting all kinds of meds in him. they finally called me back and told me he was having a heart attack and the Dr. would come and get me soon. They finally let me back with him, he was setting up, talking and seemed to be doing good except for being scared. He had a 95% blockage in the right side of his heart. They said we got him to the hospital in time and they were trying to dissolve the blockage. After about 30 minutes they said they would have to transfer him to Queen of the Valley hospital in Napa to have a stint put in as the blockage would not go down as much as they wanted it to. They transfered him to Napa and the Dr there put a stint in, he still has a 50% blockage just farther down from the stint they are going to keep an eye on. They said if you are going to have a heart attack the right side is the best side to have it on. I called my friend Linda, she met me at the hospital, her husband John and another friend Tom came and gave Pete a blessing. Pete spent the next day at Queen of the Valley in Napa, he said he felt great and was setting up in the chair all day. He also had a steady stream of co-workers coming to visit him all day. Pete just wanted to go home, he felt great. The next day, Wednesday, he was transfered back to Kaiser, in San Rafeal, because they were the only ones with an open bed. He did not sleep well and just wanted to come home. I went to see him Thursday morning and was able to bring him home. He is happy to be home, was able to visit with Jen until we had to take her to the Airport Saturday morning. He wants to get out to the golf course but I won't let him. He calls me his mother hen. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I know this is a miracle and we have so much to be grateful for. He has an appointment with the Cardiologist on February 19th, we will keep you updated. Again, thank you all for your love, support and prayers.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad Pete is doing better. He has been in our prayers and thoughts and hope that he can return to the GOLF course again soon. (that seems to be the most important thing here) Maybe he can claim this as work related. :)
Get Better Pete!!!

Fausett Family Facts said...

Thanks Kelly. Yeah, the golf course is definately where he wants to be. Thanks to you and your family for all your thoughts and prayers and to your dad for coming out to give Pete a blessing. Pete can claim it on workmans comp so that is good.