Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's a Layla.

Layla plugging her nose
Layla rubbing her eyes
foot in her mouth
Jenna finally made it to California after a long couple of days. She started having labor pains Thursday night. (Jan. 31) She went to the hospital, spent the night there, and had to have a shot to stop her labor. She tried to sleep on Friday but was called by the hospital to contact her Dr. as she tested positive for early labor. Jeremy took Jen back to the Dr. the Dr. said she should be fine and it would be okay for her to still fly to California. Jen just had to have another shot on Saturday before she got on the plane. She arrived late Saturday night and we had the 3D~4D ultra sound on Tuesday the 5th. Layla was moving around the whole time. Layla had her feet up in her face, she would cover her face with her little hands. She sucked her thumb and tried to hide from the camera. She has fat little cheeks. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her. Hope Jen's labor is fast and easy. Good luck!!


Kelly said...

Jenna looked so good!! Yipee it's a girl. I still have a hard time believing that Robbin will be a just seems like yesterday she was taking us Toliet papering in her blue van...oh the good ol' she's a grandma. Come to think about it...didn't you teach us alot of other ways to deface someones house?? It's a good thing Pete works for the Napa Police, it would have been odd to have a group of Young Women being arrested for defacing someones property. old do you think Layla will be when Robbin teaches HER the act of

Fausett Family Facts said...

LOL. You crack me up. Yes, the good old days of toliet papering. We did have some great times. Well I will definately have to teach Layla a few things but look who her mom is, I am sure she will come up with a few things all on her own and grandma here can set back and laugh. Thanks for the memories Kelly. love ya.

Chastain Family said...

I'm sure Layla won't need Gramy to teach hr the art of TPing!! Her mama is a pro at it =)