Thursday, February 14, 2008


Big congrats go out to JT, he was released from being a bishop not to long ago, now he has been called to the Stake High Council. He will be working with the single adults ward alot. Way to go JT. Just don't call me to speak. LOL. That means Cindy will not get to set by him in church a couple of Sundays a month. Although, Cindy will be busy with her new calling....Enrichment leader for Relief Society. She is wondering why she got this calling but we all know she will do a great job. I know alot of people look up to her, including me, and she will be a great addition to her ward's Relief Society. Way to go you two, you better be careful though JT could be called to be a General Authority and Cindy could be a General Authority's wife. Just kidding, we love you both!!