Monday, March 31, 2008


A big Happy Birthday out to Danica today, she is 15!! Yeah, one more year and she can start dating and get her drivers license. Hope you have a great day. Have some cake and ice cream for us. Hope you get everything you want and all your wishes come true. We love you!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pirate Party...ARGHHHH

Jeremy all dressed up as a Pirate...
Jenna dressed up as a pregnant wench...

Jeremy and Jenna all dressed up for a Pirate themed pary for a guy in Jeremy's office and one of his friends. Looks like they did a good job coming up with great costumes. They said they had a fun time. I loved the pictures so I had to share. It won't be long before these two become parents. Yeah!!!

Beautiful day in the Napa Valley.

Pete had a golf tournement for the mens club championship at Vintners in Yountville. It was down to him and one other guy. So I decided to get up and go with him, they had to play 36 holes. We left at 6am. I had forgotten how beautiful the valley is with the hot air balloons.
Below: blowing up the balloons to take off.
Up up and away...

Off they go.
Pete warming up at the driving range
Hitting the ball...such concentration
Looks good to me...I wish I had that swing. He makes it look so easy.
Lining up the putt...
Heading right for the hole and it drops in. Nice!!
Pete ended up coming in second. He was a little disappointed but realized he hadn't been on the golf course to actually play since he had his heart attack. He was just happy to be back on the course and able to play. We had a great time, Pete really enjoyed being back on the course and I was just happy to be with him. I was really glad the sun came out as I was freezing. Pete heads to Poppy Hills and Spy Glass Hills next weekend. Both of these courses are at Pebble Beach down in Monterey. This is for the NCGA qualifer. Good luck and have fun.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharks tickets...YES!!!

A girl that works with Pete, her and her husband have season tickets to the San Jose Sharks and they were going to be out of town this week so she asked Pete if he wanted the tickets. Pete of course, happy to be back to work, was not able to take off. So...Matt and I got the tickets. Yeah!! Off to San Jose we went...
The Sharks entering the ice through the giant shark head with smoke...
The game begins...with the puck hitting the ice...

Yes, of course we have to have a fight, it is hockey after all.
Breaking up yet another fight. Oh, I love hockey and the action.
We were tied and went into overtime, with overtime you go from 5 guys on the ice to 4 on each team. Overtime is for 5 minutes, as you can see we have 3 minutes and 45 seconds left and the Dallas Stars got a 4 minute penalty. Shortly after that the Stars got another penalty for 2 minutes and so it was 4 sharks against 2 Stars. Yes, Patrick Marlou made the winning goal.
Matt cheering, the sharks win!!!!!
Matt and Robbin enjoying the game. The Sharks are in first place in their division. GO SHARKS!
We love you!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twilight series...

Those of you who have not read these books should. Those of you who have read these books know exactly what I am talking about. After you read these books there will not be anything good enough. I know before you read them you think they sound really weird, but Stephenie Meyer has got to be one of the best authors ever. Her writing will suck you in and the characters seem like they are real people. I could not put the books down once I started reading them. I read all 3 books in two weeks. Oh, and be prepared for a slight depression when you are done reading them. The last and final book Breaking Dawn is due out August 2, 2008. Also a new printing of Eclipse will be out in stores in May with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn so you can bet there will be hordes of women at the book store just to read the first chapter. Haha, I will probably be one of them. Cindy are you in? You can reserve your copy of Breaking Dawn at Borders now. If anyone has any good books they would like to share please email me at Happy reading!!
Oh, and Stephanie Meyer also has another book, The Host coming out May 6, 2008. I don't know anything about this book but if it is anything like the Twilight Series I am sure it will be good.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Counting down...

Jen just called, she went to the Dr. today. She is dilated between 2 and 3. The baby has dropped. Jen said she had some braxton hicks on Sunday. Jeremy and Jen also packed her bag for the hospital on Sunday. They seem to be ready for Layla to make her debut. Jen is between thirty-six and thirty-seven weeks. Her due date is April 18th 2008.

2 years of Braces....

Debby got her braces off after 2 long years of having a sore mouth, to say the least. She spent many days not being able to eat or she had to eat soup or something soft. Deb now says it was worth every minute of pain. Her orthodontist is her nephew Bart Boulton. Now you can have an apple without cutting it and you can have some corn on the cob. Can't wait to see you in person. Congrats!! You look beautiful.



Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hope you all have a Happy Easter and enjoy all your eggs, jelly beans and chocolate.

Also I hope we all take the time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and what it means to us. To think about all Christ has done for us.
I love the spring as everything is new again. I love when the new leaves come on the branches, I love the blossoms and the flowers budding up. It is so beautiful and yet another blessing.
I would like to tell my family how much I love them and I am so thankful for each one of them. We are so blessed. I love you guys!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Wendi and her melted birthday cake.

Kate Voegele
Kate Voegele againMeeting Kate Voegele
Well, it is Wendi's birthday today, March 22nd. Happy Birthday!!! Wendi loves ice cream cake, so I went and bought one last night so we could celebrate today. I was so proud of myself, thinking I had the cake and Wendi would be so excited. Well, the air head that I am, I put the ice cream cake in the refridgerator, where it stayed all night. What was I thinking??? Ice cream goes in the freezer. Well, needless to say it was still yummy even though it looked a little messed up from melting. I took Wendi to Sacramento today to see Kate Voegele. She plays Mia on One Tree Hill and also has an album out, Wendi received the album for her birthday. We watched her play the guitar and listened to her sing. Wendi also got to meet her and get her autograph.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New additions to the Farrer family...

The Farrer family has added two additions to their family. Miniature Schnauzers named Lily and Luke. Debby says they are naughty little puppies and the only reason they are still alive is because they are so cute. Luke is the light one and Lily is the dark one. Have fun potty training the puppies and tell Rob he should smile more. Can't wait to meet them. Congrats on the new additions.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Aunt Fern is in the hospital with pneumonia. Dad and Lynn went to give her a blessing tonight and said she looked really good. She was still having a little pain and they have her on oxygen as her oxygen level was a little low. She has been eating and is feeling better. Hopefully she is on the mend and will be home soon. Aunt Fern, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Aunt Fern came home from the hospital today, Saturday, March 22. She is doing better and eating. She did have to come home on oxygen. Hopefully being home will make her feel better and she will be good as new in no time. You are still in our thoughts and prayers.

I wonder if Avery found her cookie?

I found these precious pictures of Avery when we were at Debby's house for Zoey's wedding. She was having so much fun playing on the stairs and it was fun to see her little personality come out. We all loved the video of her looking for her cookie, you can scroll down to later posts and see it if you missed it. She is a cutie and I am sure she keeps up with brother Mikey and holds her own.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another heart attack...

Glen and Reva Erickson

Glen Erickson, grandma Starich's little brother had a heart attack. Dan talked to Uncle Ron with this update: I talked to Uncle Ron just a moment ago and he said that Glen was doing well, but that they are not sure about the damage to his heart and they are concerned because it is near one of the valves. So he needs to be monitored and in the hospital until they can evaluate him. We will update as we get more information. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
New update from Aunt Claudia 3/18/08 @ 10:30pm: Just talked to Ron and he said probably what you already know. Glen is out of ICU, He has a valve that is leaking, but damaged and needs to heal some before they can do anything with it. He will be in the hospital for 3 to 4 more days. Claudia gave me Glen's home address if you want to send a card and phone number at the hospital if you would like them please email me at and put Glen Erickson in the subject line. I will email it to you. Uncle Ron said he is feeling pretty good at the moment but to please keep him in your prayers. Thanks!!!

Zoey and Damien's trip to Havasupai

Zoey and Damien while on their honeymoon cruise.

One of the waterfalls from Spring Break trip to Havasupai

We had a great time on our trip to Havasupai for Spring Break! We hiked a total of about 28 miles. It was 10 miles in and 10 miles out with small hikes to the falls during the days. I hurt my knee and my hips and am still limping. Damien did some cliff diving and waterfall climbing. We camped in a tent and ate food that required you to add water. Fun trip to Havasupai which is one of the fingers of the grand canyon. Thanks, Zoey for sharing info about your trip. Sounds like a lot of fun and it looks beautiful. Please send pictures when you get them. In the meantime the waterfall picture will have to do. Hope your knee and hips feel better soon.

Erickson Reunion...

Above picture is Dan and Louise (Erickson) Starich and their family in 1990. Wow, we have really grown and lost a few from this picture. We will have to take lots of pictures while we are there this summer. Can't wait!!

Just received news of the annual Erickson Reunion. We will all be there this summer as it is the same weekend we will be doing are annual Fausett Family camping trip. Can't wait to see everyone again, it has been a really long time since our family has all been there at the same time. I know it will be hard not having mom there as she always enjoyed it and had fun calling out the names for the raffle.
Please click here: Erickson Reunion.
2008 Erickson Reunion
Price Utah
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Pioneer Park
Waterslide Available
Food will be catered
Adults (over 14) $5.00 each
Kids are free
Raffle will remain the same
*Don't forget to come up with and donate a great raffle item to help raise money.
Golf Tournament
Carbon Golf Course
Friday, July 25th - 9:00 a.m.
Cost will be $38.00 each
*I know Pete is looking forward to the golf tournement, so he will be contacting Uncle Ron pretty soon.
*If you have any questions contact Cindy, she has the flyer.

Catching up with the Goodrich kids?

Janae recently competed in a Music Festival. She performed two musical selections in front of a judge and was judged on technic, accuracy, interpretation, phrasing, articulation, tonal control, pulse, tempo, pedal use and stage presence. She received an excellent score with 99 out of 100. She is becoming quite a pianist and spends lots of time practicing. Hopefully some day we will be able to get a better piano - but until then we will make due. We are proud of her.
Congrats to Janae, way to go girl. You are so talented and your family is so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

MarLyn is preparing for her Junior Prom this Saturday, March 22, 2008. We went prom dress shopping a few weeks ago and she chose a beautiful dark purple gown. She looks awesome in it. She is excited about the upcoming date. Wow, sounds like fun and we will be expecting pictures from the big night. We want to see how pretty MarLyn looks and check out her date.
Tyler and Kayla...
Kayla is loving her job at the dentist's office. She loves having her weekends off and also her evenings. She has been spending a lot of time with a young man named Tyler. She enjoys life and is saving her money to buy a new car - she has her heart set on a Mazda 3. She is hoping that by the end of April she will be driving that new car. Good Luck with that - MarLyn is excited about that because she gets Kayla's old car. Glad to hear you love your job. Tyler sounds like a great guy, but he would have to be to be hanging out with such a great girl. We love you Kayla. Also good luck with the car buying and we will be expecting a picture of the new wheels.
Janson recently took a vacation to sunny California where he took in some much needed rays (sun rays that is). He and RJ took advantage of Spring Break from school and surprised Debby and her family. Apparently they had a great time and are back at school studying again. Janson is job searching and we wish him luck with that. I am sure Debby and her family were surprised. I am glad to hear the boys got away for a little while before heading back to their studies. Let us know where Janson gets a new job and happy job hunting, Uncle Dan and Aunt Robbin know all about that.
Okay, now we have caught up with the Goodrich kids...What about the parents?? I know you live exciting lives and we want to hear all about it. Love you guys and looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Here is wishing you all a Happy St. Patricks Day. Don't forget to wear green so you won't get pinched, if you do get pinched I hope you don't get a bruise. Hope you all find your pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow and I hope all your dreams come true. Keep an eye out for the Leprechaun...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chicken Noodle soup...

Okay, we are sending some love and some chicken noodle soup out to Debby. She has been sick all last week with strep throat. Hope you are feeling better and up to your routine soon. Well not exactly back to your routine, since you run yourself crazy. Take some time to take care of yourself and have your family pamper you. Love you and hope you feel better soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Janae had a survey...


Unattached earlobe
Attached earlobe

For school Janae had to find out who in her family had attached earlobes and who had unattached earlobes.
Dan's and Cindy's families are all unattached.
Debby's family is half attached and half unattached.
Robbin's family is all attached.
What are you?

Robbin's attempt at photography.

My friend Linda and her daughter Breanne
Yountville in the mustard fields

A vineyard up in Yountville...beautiful
Mustard fields again...
Field of flowers.
Okay, my friend Linda asked me to take her daughter Breanne's Senior pictures. So here is my attempt at being a photographer. Linda and I have been friends since she was pregnant with Breanne and I was pregnant with Matt. We were due around the same day and she ended up having a c-section early and Matt decided to come 2 weeks late. We have watched our babies grow up together. Now I have to get Matt's done.