Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good ole' baseball...

Playing against BYU.
Jace plays 3rd base

Jace running from second to third on his double hit.
In the dugout...
Playing outfield against Sac State.
Foul ball...

Aunt Claudia (Cox) told us Jace, who's playing for UVSC was coming to California to play in the River City Tournament. Pete and I were ready for the nice weather and some good baseball. Friday we drove down with Wendi to watch UVSC play BYU. Pete and I drove down on Saturday and watched UVSC play Sac State. Both were great games and UVSC won both days we were there. It was fun to watch Jace, who is my cousin Tricia's (and Joe Brinkerhoff's) son. Jace is quite a good ball player, we were impressed. He probably didn't appreciate me snapping all the pictures that I did, but I figured his mom and grandma would love them. Thanks Jace for putting up with me.