Saturday, March 22, 2008


Wendi and her melted birthday cake.

Kate Voegele
Kate Voegele againMeeting Kate Voegele
Well, it is Wendi's birthday today, March 22nd. Happy Birthday!!! Wendi loves ice cream cake, so I went and bought one last night so we could celebrate today. I was so proud of myself, thinking I had the cake and Wendi would be so excited. Well, the air head that I am, I put the ice cream cake in the refridgerator, where it stayed all night. What was I thinking??? Ice cream goes in the freezer. Well, needless to say it was still yummy even though it looked a little messed up from melting. I took Wendi to Sacramento today to see Kate Voegele. She plays Mia on One Tree Hill and also has an album out, Wendi received the album for her birthday. We watched her play the guitar and listened to her sing. Wendi also got to meet her and get her autograph.