Thursday, April 24, 2008

The life and times of Heather and James...

Heather and James...They celebrated their 4 year anniversary in March and I missed it. I apologize!! So a big Happy Anniversary out to Heather and James. James made reservations in the Napa Valley. They went to Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Calistoga. Heather said they had a great time.
James if flying out the first weekend in May to meet with his family and they are going to the Kentucky Derby. Sounds like alot of fun, hope you make some money!! Heather is also flying out to Utah for 2 days that same weekend to spend some time with family and hang out with her niece and nephew. Heather also said she is taking a Boot Camp class 3 days a week. They work outside so it's rain or shine. Being in San Francisco I am sure they have some cold weather they have to work in. She said it is alot of fun, they do running, sit ups...all kinds of stuff they do in boot camp. It is hard but she is loving it. So watch out, she will be able to kick butt. Heather and James also spent some time in Las Vegas. Looks like you guys are having a great time and enjoying life. Great talking to you last night. Love ya!!