Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look how much she has grown...

The day Layla came home from the Hospital, she is 2 days old.
Same jammies, she is 7 weeks and 3 days old.
What a little sweetie, can't wait to see you again Layla.
Just 3 weeks and 3 days!!
Granpa and Granma are going to spoil you rotten, Love ya Jen!! : )
Granpa is going to buy you a boppy for when you are here.

Friday, May 30, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Wow, Debby and Rob must have green thumbs...look how fast their garden is growing. Well along with all that great southern California weather.
I bet Luke and Lily (the dogs) would love to get in there and help out. hahaha
Well, I hope it continues to grow and give you lots of yummy food.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Check out Jen and Jeremy's blog, new video of Layla! Way cute!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...

MOM...Our thoughts are of you today.
Mom loved red roses, she often colored her fingernails and lips with the color of red roses.
Need I say more? Mom, we love and miss you so much. Thanks for the memories. Mom also loved gardenias.
Hope you are surrounded by a beautiful garden.
There are no words to explain how it feels to have you gone.
We also miss Grandpa and Grandma Fausett
and Grandpa and Grandma Starich.
JT's dad Wayne, Pete's dad Max and Rob's dad Bob.
We also miss all the other loved ones that have gone before us!


Check out Jen and Jeremy's blog. Cute pictures of Layla.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


While Tyson was unemployed he enjoyed watching anything on TV that had to do with cooking. He enjoys cooking and cooks alot at home, which I hear Sara likes...what woman wouldn't?

Tyson is now no longer unemployed, he works for L and T Construction. He is doing framing like he did at his other job and he is working in American Fork right now. Tyson we love you, you are awesome and you can cook at my house anytime. Oh, and just to let you know they have a great culinary school out here in San Francisco then you would be close and could really come cook at my house. lol.

Counting down to graduation....

We decided not to order the traditional graduation announc-ements. With Matts great talent on photoshop we agreed that he would make his own. We took the pictures in the back yard, and one from hockey and Matt put it all together. I think he did a great job and I wish I knew photoshop half as good as he does. Great job Matt!! Dad and I are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. You are quite a talented young man. We are looking forward to you walking with your class and getting your diploma! Congratulations!!!!

Barking puppy....

Trissy sent me the cutest picture of one of her puppies, Luke. She took him to the vet to get his shots, they were on their way back home when they stopped at a stop light. People were walking in the crosswalk and Luke put his front paws up on the dash and started barking at them. He must think he is bigger than he really is...hahahaha. Thanks Trissy, I thought this was really cute. Where is Lily??

Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on Brittney's family....

Here is little Avery....sooo sooo sooo cute.
Avery and Mikey...what a cute brother and sister.
Mikey graduated from pre-school, here he is with his teacher. Yeah Mikey!!! What a big boy you are. Where has the time gone?

Guess who has a blog?????

Mike and Brittney.

You can find their blog address on the Family and Friends list.

(Below all the family pictures on the right)

Yea!! We are excited to add them to the blog family and that way we can keep up with them a little better. Love you guys!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Layla...

Guess who is smiling now... Is that the cutest face you have ever seen?
Laying around and smiling for mommy...
Layla was trying to go to sleep, Jen set in front of her since Layla is famous for catapulting over her boppy, anyway Layla moved herself around and climbed up to this position and went to sleep.
Jen and Jeremy were trying to keep Layla awake for another hour so they could all go to bed, well Layla had other ideas and was not going to wait she wanted to sleep now.
tired little angel.
Snuggling and cuddling next to mommy.
All ready to run errands with mommy today. It was cold outside, the wind was blowing and it was raining a little.
So precious....
There is that smile again.
She is growing and getting to be so much fun. We can't wait for Jen and Layla to come visit the end of June. Thanks for the pictures Jen.

Concert and gambling....

Wendi and I went off to Reno, we had saved our quarters for gambling (let me tell you, quarters weigh alot when you are carrying them in your purse, and we had about 10 rolls) and had our tickets to see Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood. We had a nice drive up there, the weather was great and not much traffic.

With our concert bracelets on we were ready for a good time.
Josh Turner, he has the deepest voice.
His wife plays keyboard and sings backup. Josh having fun with the crowd before it was time for Carrie to come out. The concert girls!!!!
Carrie starting her show...
she had a few outfit changes...
she tore off the bottom of her long dress....
singing some of her great songs....
playing the guitar with some band members and singing up close and personal...
having fun with the crowd...then it was over.

Wendi hanging on to her "oh, my gosh bar" as we were driving out of the parking garage with the tires squealing for no apparent reason. We had a great time and looking forward to the next concert....I think it is Brad Paisley, Chuck Wicks, Jewell and Julianne Hough from dancing with the stars. Oh and we gambled a little after the concert, did not have much luck. ;(

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well the Goodrich family had the fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It went pretty well, but they have some stuff left over for the fundraiser scheduled for the middle of June (I will have updates on that later) Thanks to all for their support.

Cindy waving hello from behind the fundraiser table. JT is also there hiding behind the quilts.
All the goodies, so much time and love went into making the items. Thanks Debby!!
Cindy with her JDRF shirt walking back to the fundraiser.
Janae with the walking sticks made by dad and aunt June.
Minnie going through some of the quilts.

Also Jenna is planning on doing the walk for JDRF in Omaha. You can check out her blog, she is also campaigning to raise money for her walk. Check out Jen's blog. Thanks to all your support for such a great cause.

Also a big thanks to Kayla, Wendi helped me borrow some pictures from your page. Thanks!!!!!

Wedding on the way...

Kayla's beautiful ring...
Tyler David Powell and Kayla Brooke Goodrich
will be getting married
August 21, 2008
They will be getting married in the Mt Timpanogos temple.
The same temple Grandpa and Grandma Starich were sealed in.
Well, Congratulations!! We wish you nothing but the best and happy wedding planning.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is it hot enough???

Okay, it feels like an oven out there. I just came in from outside, its about 3:30 pm and the temprature read 107.
Rob has the best idea, he jumped in his pool with friend Mason (visiting from Arizona, their family the Powells are Debby's grandkids until she gets some of her own) and the dogs, Lily and Luke. I am so jealous. Looks nice and cool. I am about ready to go buy a kiddie pool and just set in it. haha.

Rob, Mason, Lily and Luke staying cool in the pool.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wendi has been busy...

Wendi has been running around keeping herself really busy...
First she had to put up with her dad and brother while I went to Omaha to see Jen and her family. During the Hockey playoffs they told Wendi if the Sharks lost they were going to tie her up. Well the Sharks lost, when Wendi got home from work they had the Hangman's Noose ready for her.

Wendi also went the Livermore for the Fishing University for her work. She had to learn all about camping and fishing. She is a lucky girl and won a bunch of stuff. All in all she had a pretty good day and learned alot.
Wendi has also been really busy working and putting in alot of hours and finally made the big plunge, she got the total payoff on her car, wrote the check and paid it off. She is one happy girl!!!

Love it when moms win!!!

My attempt to take some pictures of Matt for his graduation announcemenets. Well, not liking the hair too much...
Hansome, but his hair is too long.

Yeah! mom wins and I cut his the curls though.
Yes!!! I can see his face...
I can't believe my baby is going to graduate next month.

Pete and I are so proud of Matt and his accomplishments. It is just really hard to believe he is going to graduate in June. We went through some college papers last night. Matt is excited to start college and get his degree in Computer Science. We are still checking some things out but he really wants to do something with computers and programming.