Saturday, August 30, 2008

Debby got her hair did...

Debby went to Tristen's school and had Trissy do her hair.
It is darker than what we are used to seeing on Deb, but it looks great.
Trissy you did a great job!!!!

Just a reminder...

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The families that have their own blogs I don't update as much so please remember to check them out too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday time...

Avery turns 2 years old today.
Hope you have a great day, lots of cake, ice cream and presents.
We love you!!!!!

Look what's is Dan's backyard....

Dan sent me this fun video from his front yard. Put your head sideways, toward the left and you can see better. The thing on the bottom right hand side is his railing on his front stairs. Pretty cool. Thanks Dan for sending this, too bad it isn't hunting season yet.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Showman...

Dad entered 3 walking sticks that he made into the county fair and came home with the Showman Ribbon for all of them. He makes beautiful walking sticks and sells them. He also donates some to Cindy to raise money for JDRF. Janae was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 6 years old, she just turned 15. He has also given almost all his kids and grandkids their own walking stick as well. Keep up the good work dad, we love you!!!!
Thanks cousin Lynn for taking this picture of dad and sending it to me. Thanks for all the pictures you send me!!


August 21. 2008
Kayla and Tyler coming out of the Mt Tempanogos Temple...
First kiss as husband and wife...
Kayla and Tyler with most of Tylers family.
He has another brother and a sister.
Kayla and Tyler with Kayla's family...
Janson, Cindy, JT...MarLyn and Janae
Janson, Dad, Cindy, JT and his mom, Kayla and Tyler, MarLyn and Janae
JT's mom, Kayla, Tyler and dad...
The Happy Couple...
Heather and RJ...
Avery and Alissa at the luncheon
Dan and Dad at the luncheon
The table set up at the reception with pictures of Kayla and Tyler.
RJ, Zoey, Heather (family friend) and Damien
Lauren (family friend), Brittney and Tyson (behind the flowers)
Dad and Alissa
Alissa, Wendi and Lauren
Brittney and Mikey...
Dad and Wendi
Debby, back of Rob, Connie in the background
Aunt Claudia (mom's sister) and Uncle Jim Cox
RJ and Heather
Tristen, Wendi and Heather
Zoey and Damien Cavanaugh
The cake...
Rob and Debby
Wendi and Janson
Kayla and Tyler
Cutting the cake...
Proud dad and mom...JT and Cindy
Heading off to the honeymoon.......
Congratulations you two....We love you!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The wedding is near...

On the Goodrich front, they are anxiously waiting for the wedding of Kayla and Tyler. Two more days. Kayla had her bridal pictures taken, they are beautiful.

We will post wedding pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

St George...

After the Fausett Family reunion the Jerich's and Farrer's headed to St George for a couple of days. Rob took us to this place that Rob and Debby went by on their honeymoon and they took us there one other time, I think it was 1981. Anyway, it is beautiful there and that little crevice you see in the rocks, Rob, Debby, Cindy and Kayleen Killian went all the way through at one time. I have claustrophobia so did not attempt it. We could not fit through it now if we tried. Oh to be young again.

RJ and Rob
Debby, RJ and Rob
Wendi and Robbin, Pete was golfing.
RJ and Wendi looking up at the crevice
RJ and Wendi
RJ and Wendi again
Rob climbed to the top and looked down at us.
Robbin, no way is she going to fit through that crevice now. Not that she would want to.
Wend, RJ and Debby
RJ on top
Wendi on top
Rob on top
While we were in St George we stayed at Rob and Debby's vacation house, they own it with Rob's sister, her husband and their mother.
The kitchen Living room
The bathroom we used, that little door is to the Loo
shower and tub, the door by the shower is to a walk in closet
this is the master bedroom we stayed in, this is Rob's mom's room
little half bath, by the laundry room and the small bedroom
small bedroom
Rob and Deb's master bath and bedroom below.

We had a great time.