Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fausett Reunion @ Old Folks Flat...2008

So here we are another year has gone by and we are back in Huntington Canyon at Old Folks Flat...Everyone made it this year except for Tristen and Jeremy. This was mom's favorite place to be and we felt her presence.

MarLyn, Wendi, Alissa with Layla and Connie
Jenna hiding behind her foot, Tyson and papa Buddy in the background having his soda.
JT, Danica, Zoey, Cindy, RJ, Debby's back with Rob behind her and Damien.
Wendi, Janae, Connie's back, JT, Alissa with Layla and Danica
Danica, Zoey, Cindy, RJ, Rob's butt, Debby, Damien and MarLyn.
Zoey, Rob, Robbin and Cindy
Jenna and Layla with Brittney, Mikey and Avery ready to go for a hike.
Papa Buddy and Jenna
Baby Layla sleeping in the mountains.
Tyson and Sarah holding Layla.
Brittney holding Avery and Wendi
Matt, MarLyn and Jenna playing cards.
Janae, Danica, Tyson, Sarah, MarLyn and Jenna playing cards.
Janae, Alissa, Tyson, Sarah, Danica and Matt playing cards. Cindy is in the corner.
Danica and Matt's back...Janae, Alissa Tyson and Sarah
Dan and Papa Buddy. Wendi and Brittney talking to Debby and Cindy. Pete in the background
Wendi, Debby, Connnie, Jenna and Layla, Pete and Matt.
Jen, Layla, Pete and Matt.
Damien, Zoey, Danica and Janson.
Janson and RJ.
Alissa and Brittney
Jen, Layla and Matt.
Wendi, Debby, Connie and Dan
Papa Buddy and Cindy, right before I peeled 20 pounds of potatoes.
JT, Pete and Cindy, it was our night to cook.
Matt feeding Layla. What a great uncle, he must be her favorite.
Wendi and Matt watching Jen feed Layla blue frosting from their birthday cake.
Layla still has blue lips, Wendi giving her kisses.
Cindy, Dad and Debby
Layla enjoying Tyson's great chair.
Zoey holding Layla
Janson, RJ, Janae and the back of James
James and Heather
Zoey and Damien
Connie and Dan
Kayla and Tyler
Jen and Robbin
Matt and Robbin
Wendi, Alissa and Layla
Damien enjoying his smore. yummy!!
Dad and Dan
Rob, he always has great faces.
Jenna and Layla, RJ and Janson
Debby, Dad, Dan and Rob
Robbin, Connie, Alissa and James
Jen and Layla.
Dan and Dad
Zoey was making dinner, she made a great beef stew over noodles.
Dad and Wendi.
Zoey and her mom, Debby.
JT, Rob, Dad and Debby
Cindy holding Layla, MarLyn, Janson and RJ
Heather Tyler and Kayla, Heather in the background.

We all had a great time. It is so nice to be together at least once a year and enjoy each others company. Until next year...
There are more camping pictures on Jen's blog.


Lehigrams said...

Looks like you had a great Reunion.
Wasn't the canyon just beautiful this year. I was amazed at the flowers. Aren't families wonderful.