Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Family Fun

Here are some random pictures of when Robbin and Wendi went to visit the Farrer's
Robbin and Dan enjoying some Potica Cake that Debby made and it was yummy!!
Danica and her friend Kirby, Danica made him a birthday cake and they were eating some.
Tristen, she will probably kill me for putting this on here. We love you Trissy!!!
Debby, Dan and Robbin.
Dan dropped by on his way back to his apartment from watching his friends daughter play ball.
Trissy teaching her puppies
to wait for their treat
Robbin was taking pictures of Danica and Kirby without them knowing.

She caught me, hahaha
Trissy being attacked by her puppies. Debby and Tristen
Rob teasing the dogs with a laser light, Wendi watching. It was really funny, the dogs went crazy.
Danica and Tristen
Tristen, Danica and Wendi
Danica...on the phone???????

We had a great time at the Farrer's, always something fun going on at their house.

If you want to see more pictures from Robbin and Wendi's trip, click on their name and go to their blogs.


Lehigrams said...

Looks like you had a ball! I am glad you got to see Dan. And you had potica without me????? Debby, I thought you only made it for Christmas.