Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palm Springs...

Cindy, Connie, Debby and Robbin.
I found this picture from one our trips to Palm Springs, which we usually do every year in October. This is from a couple of years ago and we had gone to the church cannery and canned some fun food for our families.
I did not get to go this year, I was in Nebraska visiting my grandbaby Layla and daughter Jen while her husband was deployed.
I hear they had a great time. Debby was supposed to take pictures for me and send them but as you can see I am still waiting. (Hint Hint)
Anyway, we do have a great time, we always hit the street fair, go shopping, hit one of our favorite stores, "The Alley" and sometimes we hit up a movie. We get to lay by the pool, relax and read.
Always a great adventure with my sisters and sister-in-law Connie. Looking forward to next year.