Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tyson and Sarah...

I received this great picture in my Christmas card.
I had to share it on the blog.
Sarah has about 6 weeks left until little Jack is born.
You two look great and I bet you are excited for your new arrival.
I know you will be great parents.
Hope all goes well and we will be expecting some pictures of the new little guy.

The Cann's

Let's see, what have James and I been up to...
James split season tickets to the Warrior's with his friend Jessie, so we have been going to a game every now and then. The Warrior's have been playing pretty well, they lost there two main people (one trade, one injury) so they've been playing with a whole new team.

I have been volunteering my time tutoring four days a week, two days a week at an after school program for middle school students and two days working with my co-workers son. I really enjoy it!

Us Cann's are ALWAYS busy (friends, parties, movies, guests, concerts, games... I'm exhuasted just thinking about it), but the last few weekends, we've kept to ourselves. Last Saturday was so beautiful, we took Muni to Ocean Beach and walked the beach for over an hour, wading through the water. We've never been able to do that, because the water is usually so cold it numbs your feet. But I was so warm (at least 80- on the beach!) and lovely that day. We walked up to the Cliff House afterwards and had dinner while watching the sun set into the ocean.

We are headed to Kansas City, MO for the Thanksgiving holiday with James' mom Carol, to spend the time with James' sister Suzanna and brother-in-law Craig. While in KC, we spend our time eating (Suz & Craig are both cooks), playing video games and going to the downtown area to listen to jazz!

*Heather sent this update a while ago, I was waiting for some pictures. Dan and Connie visited with James and Heather which Heather says she will get the pictues to me soon. I will put them on the blog when I get them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What is up in Woodland Hills...

There is some exciting news going on up where Dan and Connie live.

To check it out click here

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

...out to Zoey and Damien.
They have been married for a whole year.
Zoey and Damien at Kayla and Tylers wedding in August.
I think this picture was one they did for their wedding announcement
The happy couple on their wedding day.
Wishing you many years of happiness together.

The Farrer girls like a party...

Debby, Tristen and Danica went to a birthday party for Rob's sister Jaci's little grand-daughter Zoe. If you remember from one of last years posts, Jaci's husband Steve Taylor died of a heart attack on little Zoe's first birthday. Can't believe it has been a year. Deb said they had fun but it was cold.

Staci Taylor, Tristen, Debby and Jocilyn Taylor.
Little Zoe and Danica
Little Zoe and granma Jaci
Little Zoe...Happy Birthday little cutie.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

MarLyn's trip to D.C.

MarLyn went to D.C. with a group of 40 from her school government class including her teacher and other students. She left on Tuesday December 2nd and came back Saturday December 6th. She visited Arlington, Gettysburg, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and many more. She saw the Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress and the National Spy Museum. Her favorite was the Holocaust Museum and Library of Congress. She took 500 PICTURES! She had a blast! She learned lots and met new friends. The only complaint was that her feet hurt from walking all day, but it was worth it!

Center of D.C.
In front of Supreme Court
Library of Congress
Min posing...she is so cute
Washington Monument behind her

State Capitol

World War II Memorial

Min again.
National Christmas Tree
We hear MarLyn had a great time, also the weather was really cold.
Thanks for sharing the pictures Minnie.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday...

A BIG Happy Birthday out to Janson, Hope you have a great day. Hope you have some cake and ice cream and you get spoiled. Love ya!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One year anniversary...

Today is the one year anniversary for the Fausett Family Blog...we have successfully kept up for one whole year (except when I forgot Dan and Connies Anniversary). We have been blessed with so much are so thankful for each other. Here's to another great year.

Happy Anniversary....

I am so sorry for putting this up late.
Dan and Connie celebrated their 31 year anniversary on November 23.
Hope you had a great day!!