Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cann's

Let's see, what have James and I been up to...
James split season tickets to the Warrior's with his friend Jessie, so we have been going to a game every now and then. The Warrior's have been playing pretty well, they lost there two main people (one trade, one injury) so they've been playing with a whole new team.

I have been volunteering my time tutoring four days a week, two days a week at an after school program for middle school students and two days working with my co-workers son. I really enjoy it!

Us Cann's are ALWAYS busy (friends, parties, movies, guests, concerts, games... I'm exhuasted just thinking about it), but the last few weekends, we've kept to ourselves. Last Saturday was so beautiful, we took Muni to Ocean Beach and walked the beach for over an hour, wading through the water. We've never been able to do that, because the water is usually so cold it numbs your feet. But I was so warm (at least 80- on the beach!) and lovely that day. We walked up to the Cliff House afterwards and had dinner while watching the sun set into the ocean.

We are headed to Kansas City, MO for the Thanksgiving holiday with James' mom Carol, to spend the time with James' sister Suzanna and brother-in-law Craig. While in KC, we spend our time eating (Suz & Craig are both cooks), playing video games and going to the downtown area to listen to jazz!

*Heather sent this update a while ago, I was waiting for some pictures. Dan and Connie visited with James and Heather which Heather says she will get the pictues to me soon. I will put them on the blog when I get them.