Sunday, December 14, 2008

MarLyn's trip to D.C.

MarLyn went to D.C. with a group of 40 from her school government class including her teacher and other students. She left on Tuesday December 2nd and came back Saturday December 6th. She visited Arlington, Gettysburg, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and many more. She saw the Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress and the National Spy Museum. Her favorite was the Holocaust Museum and Library of Congress. She took 500 PICTURES! She had a blast! She learned lots and met new friends. The only complaint was that her feet hurt from walking all day, but it was worth it!

Center of D.C.
In front of Supreme Court
Library of Congress
Min posing...she is so cute
Washington Monument behind her

State Capitol

World War II Memorial

Min again.
National Christmas Tree
We hear MarLyn had a great time, also the weather was really cold.
Thanks for sharing the pictures Minnie.


Lehigrams said...

MarLyn, how wonderful for you to see all that history. I knew you were supposed to go, just forgot when it was. I am happy for you. You are a doll!

Cindy said...

What a great opportunity!!! What great parents you have who would see to it that you were able to visit places that would give you great insight into our great nation's beginnings !! haha