Monday, June 29, 2009

Updated pictures...

...of little Jackie.

What a cute little guy.
I took these pictures of Tyson's facebook.
Thanks, Tyson.
I want to just give him a big hug and kiss.
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Pete was going to be in the LA area for the Police games. Jen and Layla were coming for a visit. So Wendi, Jen, Layla and I headed to Debby's house for a couple of days to hang out, then we were going to pick Pete up and all head back home.
We tried to take Layla to Disneyland but we went a little later and they had sold out of tickets, so we went to Downtown Disney for the day and hung out. You can check those pics out here.
Here are some pictures of when we were at Debby' the way, thanks to the Farrers for letting us stay with them, we had a great time.
Layla loved the dog kennel
Playing at Aunt Debby's
Debby, Wendi and Layla
Above: Debby practicing her grandma skills.
Below: Layla playing with Luke, she loved the dogs.
Trissy cutting Wendi's hair.

Layla crawling around like the doggies.
Layla playing with her high chair,she liked to set there and buckle the belt
Trissy and her friend Scotty.
Sisters...I wish we lived closer

and last but not least...Layla in the dog kennel again...with the dogs this time. She loved the dogs.
Fast trip but we had a great time. Thanks again to the Farrer's for letting us stay at your house. I think it is your turn to visit us next time. hahahaha
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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Baby boy Stanton
8 lbs 10 ozs
22 inches
Mommy and Baby doing well,
will update when I get more info.
Congrats to the Stanton family!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my apologies....

...since starting my new job, training and having family come and visit I have gotten a little behind. I apologize for not keeping the blog up to date. Hopefully I will be better and maybe I can get a little help.


June 22
Happy 25 years to Cindy and JT.
Hope you had a great day!!!
Wishing you many more years together!!


To the greatest dad in the world....You have been such a great example to us.
Thanks for always being there, for raising us to be hard workers
and for loving our mom!
Thanks for your great sense of humor and for always making us laugh.
We love you!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


...out to Pete and Robbin
Celebrating 26 years today!!!
Heres to many more great years to come.


Tyson and Sarah's little guy is growing like a weed.
He is so cute!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


to Cindy and JT!!!


Today Debby and Rob celebrate 28 years together.
Thanks for being such a great example.
We love you and wish you many more years together.


Hope you have a great day.
 Hope all your dreams come true.
We love you!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


MarLyn graduted from High School last Thurday.
She is going to work this summer at Hogi Yogi.
In the fall she will be heading to Utah State on a full scholarship.
She plans to go into Youth Development and Leadership.
Way to go MarLyn!!!
MarLyn and her proud parents, Cindy and JT
Mother and daughter
Kayla and MarLyn
MarLyn and Janae
The proud graduate.
We are all so proud of you MarLyn.
May all your hopes and dreams come true.
Good luck at college, your family will miss you!!!!


The Farrer's ward takes their youth to General Conference every year. Rob and Debby with the youth of their ward. Danica is on the far right.
Rob, Debby and Danica in front of the Salt Lake Temple
Rob and Debby in front of the Temple
Rob looking out over the great Salt Lake Valley
The old Tabernacle we used to go to when we were kids
Salt Lake Temple at night
Thanks to Danica for taking some great pictures and sharing.


Learning how to line dance at a ward party.
Danica and Rob
Father and daughter
Trissy at Downtown Disney
Sisters...aren't they beautiful!!
Danica and her "friend" Andrew.
The Farrers are one busy family.


The Farrer's had a pool party to celebrate Memorial Day.
Visiting with some of Robs family.
Rob with one of his nieces, Jaci's daughter
Rob, RJ and Jaci's daughter
RJ flew home and surprised his mom.
RJ, family friend Heather and Jaci's grand-daughter little Zoey.
Debby and Trissy, mother and daughter
Just to let you know, the Farrer's alway have great parties.


Bishop Farrer heading to the beach to participate with the youth for Youth Conference.
Rob (Bishop Farrer) sitting on the beach pondering about how great the youth are.
Rob, Debby and Tristen
They actually built the Newport Beach Temple out of sand.
Rob and Danica in the back center.
Danica far right with the girls in her ward.
The theme "Example of the Believers"
(Model: Danica's "friend")
Looks like they all had a great time.
Thanks for sharing the pictures, Danica and Trissy.