Thursday, September 9, 2010


A BIG shout out to Zoey for taking this awesome family picture. Thanks!!!
We were missing...Jeremy, Matty, Trissy, Scotty, Carly, Alissa and Heather & James.
Pete, Jen and Layla fishing.
Damien, RJ and Janson fishing
Tyler & Kayla...MarLyn &
Baby Blake laughing at Avery
Brittney, Lincoln, Connie and Papa Buddy
Jen pushing Layla on Avery's scooter.
Danica took Layla, Avery and Mikey down to the swing
Papa Buddy taking a nap. Big kuddos out to this 83 year old grandpa, he slept in a tent on a cot, then on the last night slept on the ground. Go grandpa!!!!
Shane showing Layla how he cleans the fish
Grandma Debby with Baby Blake
Tyler, Damien and Danica
MarLyn, Shane, Kayla, Janson and Janae kicking back

Pete, Jen, Layla and Wendi in the background...Rob, Zoey, Damien and Tyler playing cards
Grandpa Bud and his ultra cool hat, he was so happy they found some sticks to make some more walking sticks.
JT and Cindy
Jen and Layla going on a hike to look for a bear
Barry...Kayla and Tylers dog. He was such a good sport
Our dinner cooking...
Layla filling her cup with dirt
Jen, Wendi, Layla and Kayla in the Jerich trailer visiting
Papa Buddy and his 6 great grandchildren
Mikey, Avery, Jackie, Blake, Lincoln and Layla
Mom would have loved these little ones!!!
Here they are again
Janson, RJ, Jen, Debby, Shane and MarLyn
MarLyn, Janae, Kayla, Zoey, Damien and Pete. Not sure who has the hoodie on looking away from us
The great fire we have every year.
What an awesome time we had visiting with everyone. So glad so many of us could make it this year and looking forward to next year.
*For the record...I do have some more pictures, of Dan, but I promised I would not put them up...just to let you know bro...blackmail. Mwahahahaha